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"Cradle to Grave" Hazardous Waste/Materials Tracking and Management
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"No matter where you transport the waste, we have the documents ready!"
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eMWaste® G2 - "Circling the Globe"

“Focusing Our Attention On Your Environmental Compliance”

eMWaste® G2 is a premier Waste Tracking and Management Softwaresuper_small emwaste logo
Designed by Users for Users at Commercial and Federal sites.

Our Current Works

New Software

We are now more flexible than ever! We have changed our entry screens. By...

Current Works
Waste Package Record Repository

The Record Repository gives you the ability to communicate with each user in the...

Current Works
Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners are just one way of entering information into eMWaste®. To keep control...

Current Works

Attach your documents to any record by simple dragging and dropping. Attachments can also...

Current Works
Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard gives the appropriate user the ability to view container inventories at...

Current Works
Logistics Management

This software has very strong capabilities. You will be able to utilize it under...

Current Works


eMWaste® G2 Suites

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Latest from the Blog

Thirteen is not an unlucky number. As a matter of fact there are 13 International decommission and repository sites which use eMWaste® daily. One site is updating to the new eMWaste G2. In the future we hope to have more International sites!


    I have been operating and managing eMWaste for the last seven years at our site in the United States. Our longevity with this product should tell you that it has met the need we had for a system. It has been most beneficial to us in carrying out our mission here. We have utilized many aspects of eMWaste and it captures information for the entire lifecycle. We perform every imaginable scenario that can be thought of with much ease. It has performed above and beyond expectations. The interaction with the eMWaste staff has been an extremely pleasant one as well. They have supported us and provided options when we thought there was not a way. Definitely look at this product if you are in need of a system for lifecycle processes.
    Debbie HensleyUCOR/Strata G
    We have utilized the eMWaste software since 2007. The software and support are so awesome that we purchased four other modules to round out our total eMWaste offering. Really great software!

    Some of Our Clients

    • Client 9
    • Sandia National Laboratories
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    AttentionIT Limited
    eMWaste® G2