Environmental Compliance Software

25 Years of Reliable Service in the Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Industry in the US, UK, and Canada

Radioactive Waste Tracking

From Generation to Disposition, Our Environmental Compliance Software anticipates the needs of Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Generators, Processors, Shippers, and Disposal Facilites.  We focus our attention on the dirty details, so you can rest assured that your company or organization adheres to federal and local regulations. 

Automated Report Generation

Any form you fill out with information from your database, and any calculation that you perform repeatedly can be automated.  Any spreadsheet, PDF, or document you consistently produce can be generated instantly with our system.  Save hours and money while ensuring consistent results 

Custom Facility Forms

We know that your needs can be unique, and we adapt our product to the customized input that your business requires.  Whether you need a company wide augmentation, or a site specific adaptation, our software engineers are quick to conquer your query  

Database Design

Relational, Reliable, and Redundant systems designed around your needs.  We can host your data in the cloud or assist an installation for air gapped or in-house architechtures.  

Data Provenance  
& Verification

Instantly verify and validate your data and eliminate time-wasting, expensive, error-prone processes, through our partnership with RKVST.

Underpinned by blockchain, RKVST adds provenance, traceability and immutability to all of the eMWaste automated reports and custom facility forms that need to be shared internally and with partners and suppliers, helping automate multi-party data verification and validation workflows.

Radioactive Decay Modeling

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