About Us/ All you need to know about us

Our Mission
Focusing Our Attention on Your Environmental Compliance” 
What we Do?
Our software products are installed in National Laboratories, Federal Operating facilities, Federal Decommissioned facilities, Processors, Commercial Brokers, and Disposal sites.  Any operation that is involved with the management and tracking of Hazardous and Radioactive waste can benefit from the offerings in eMWaste® G2 Primary.
Our Company's Values
We produce top quality software products for commercial and federal facilities that enhance their operating capabilities.  All of our products meet strict programming requirements and are subjected to development rules we and our customers establish.
How to get Support?
You can contact our Help Desk by email at helpdesk@attentionit.com or by phone at 865-769-8888 x400.
Where can you find us?
Attention IT, Inc. has an International Headquarters in Warrington, UK and offices in Knoxville, Tennessee and Houston, Texas.  Our installations span across the US and UK.
Why to choose our Company?
We are composed of Consultants and Senior Programmers who are versed in Waste Management and Tracking. Any operation that is involved with the management and tracking of Hazardous and Radioactive waste can benefit from the offerings in eMWaste®.

Our Skills

  • Oracle · 100%
  • HTML5 / CSS3 · 90%
  • PHP · 90%
  • MySQL · 90%
  • Python · 100%

    Call us today at 865-769-8888 x400 or Email us at helpdesk@attentionit.com.

    We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support .
    Dan Smith CEO, President

    Dan Smith

    Dan leads a very dedicated and talented team in developing the best software products for the Hazardous and Radiological waste environment. Dan has a BS degree in Organization Management and been a member of the waste management industry for about 20 years.

    • Owner
    • Manager
    • Consultant
    Jeanice Pratt CFO, FINANCE MANAGER

    Jeanice Pratt

    Jeanice handles all contracts and agreements for AttentionIT. She has over 20 years of experience in the Finance and Marketing fields, and holds Double Masters degrees in Finance and Marketing.

    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • General Business

    ur team has the combined knowledge of over 90 years in the hazardous waste arena. With that combined knowledge and programming capabilities we consult on and produce the best software management and tracking systems for your operation.
    Let our team members meet with your people to determine what your needs are and help you to accomplish your goals as a company.

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