How does software support work?
Call our help desk at 01925 320070 or send an email to  Our Help Desk personnel will contact you regarding your request and an issue will be logged and elevated to the proper level for response. If the issue requires programming, our programming staff will provide an estimate of time and cost for completion.
What is the purpose for Profiles in eMWaste?
Two Profiles exist in eMWaste®.  The Generation profile and the Disposition profile.  Each profile is written for a specific waste stream or waste category. A specific waste stream or category can have multiple profiles that address different materials if you wish.  The Generation profile allows you to enter upper and lower limits of radioactivity for listed nuclides as well as upper and lower concentrations for chemicals.  Contained in both the Generation and Disposition profiles are Radiological sections that record the Nuclide activity (fingerprint) if any.  However, the Generation profile is the only profile that enables the user to transfer "scaled nuclides" into the Waste/Material Generation (WMG) record.  Differences between the two profiles are the Generation profile is developed for the site limits of acceptance,  the Disposition profile is developed for the limits of the Disposal site or final disposition. Many other characteristics are defined in the profiles but, these are the two main differences.
What is the Proper Work-Flow for eMWaste?
eMWaste® lets the user define the work-flow.  This changes depending on the type of facility eMWaste® is installed in. If the transporter is a Broker the software utilized would be the Commercial package.  If the facility is a waste generation facility it would be Profile>WMG>Inventory>Transport.  If the facility were a processing facility it would be Receipt>Processing>Transport or Disposition.  If the facility were a Disposition site it would be Receipt>Processing>Storage or Burial. eMWaste® works in any facility to manage and track waste/material.  Call us at AttentionIT today at o1925 320070 for a demonstration.
Do I Ever Enter Information Twice in eMWaste?
eMWaste® is built in a relational database.  This facilitates information entry in one field that may appear on many different screens.  Because of this capability a user only needs to enter specific information one time-in one area in eMWaste®.  That same information pre-populates all the reports in eMWaste® and the user only has to click on the report button when they are finished entering information concerning the waste/material.
Is eMWaste Scalable for My Operation?
Currently eMWaste® is sold in nine different packages.  You can view our Products page to review our offerings.  We cater to any waste/material site and manage and track all streams.
How Do I Get a Demonstration of eMWaste?
Contact our offices at 01925 320070 or email us at  We can also be contacted at 888-428-8648.
What Industry Utilizes eMWaste?
eMWaste® is utilized by waste brokers, generators, processors, transporters, repositories, both federal and commercial.
Is Waste Management and Tracking software all AttentionIT Develops?
No!  Our skilled programmers have built many different types of software programs that enhance our offerings from Document Control to Management Oversight of several facilities.  We can develop software to your specifics and listen to your requirements in the development and review process.  Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers expectations!
Does AttentionIT offer Consulting?
Yes!  We offer software consulting for your processes.  Our team will analyze your needs and develop a stream-lined approach to providing solutions that satisfy your needs.  Let us meet with you to listen to your requirements and wishes.  Call us today at 01925 320070 or email us at
What Programming Languages can AttentionIT Provide?
AttentionIT provides all the popular programming languages depending on the database requirements and the users wishes.  Our main programming language is Oracle® ADF.  This language provides the user with capabilities and flex-abilities that haven't been present until now in a relational database.  Oracle® also has the strongest database of any on the market. Other langues that we write in are utilized to develop entry screens which provide ease of entry and better serve the needs of our customers.