New Software

New Software

Project Description

We are now more flexible than ever! We have changed our entry screens. By utilizing the latest in programming technology we have improved our User Interface. The screens are even more friendlier than our previous ones which gives the user greater UI capabilities.

Notice in the pictures to the right how the Navigation Bar (left side of screen) is different in each picture. The selections can be changed for any Navigation bar. The List View Area’s (right side of screen) are enhanced with the Filter and Keyword Search, which allow the user to define what information they want to see, print, or export.

Responsive programming allows your product to be viewed on iPads and mobile phones and is a byproduct of the new eMWaste® G2 Primary software. The content contained in our help screens programmed into the software, negate the need for User Manuals. A help screen showing the work flow for hazardous, radioactive, and mixed waste is included in the software.

The User Interface begins with the Dashboard. Navigation Bar includes drop-down selections and can be collapsed to provide more viewing real estate for List views.
Menus inside the List screens perform the same functions for each List view they appear in.

Action drop-downs assist with the Viewing, Editing, and Copying of each individual record in each List. Search technologies narrows down your list selections based on compatibility between materials or business rules defined by the user. WID assignments can be applied to a site, a single container, shipments, or disposition sites.

eMWaste® G2 Primary is the anchor to all the eMWaste® products and includes all the good features found in the previous eMWaste®.


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