Waste Package Record Repository

Project Description

The Record Repository gives you the ability to communicate with each user in the document group during the review and approval process for a specific document.  This all takes place prior to a document being accepted into the Document Repository.

Lots of extras are programmed into this software including histories of revisions, email notifications, process flow arrows, reminders, and much more.  This software is a complementary addition to eMWaste®® G2 Primary software which already captures supporting documentation per container or shipment.  With the Record Repository you can capture the full campaign of documents related to the total project.

This package is a part of the eMWaste® G2 Suite and combined with eMWaste® G2 Primary produces a strong document, capturing and assignment functionality that ties supporting documentation directly to the container or shipment and waste origin.

Project Details

Current Works
AttentionIT Limited
eMWaste® G2